Welcome to our Romancing the home series! Together with Ramona of Ruffles and Rust, Talia of My Shabby Shack and Stacy of Sawdust and High Heels we have come together to do blogs on everything making your home and life a happier place.

Our first challenge is making a spring wreath.

What started out as a daunting project, turned out to be a fun-filled experience. I absolutely loved making my first wreath. And it was really easy too.

At first I decided to use the standard flat wire wreath base but then liked the texture of the wooden base more.

What I used:

Olive tree branches, Rosemary, Lavender, Jasmine, wild Sage (Buddleya) and Crab apple tree blossoms were all from our garden.

The pink Heather and white Wax I used for the base, were bought from Sprig. As well as the dark red and black Buttercups (Ranunculus), which added a dramatic touch.

My favourite part – the beautiful smell of spring from the Jasmine and wild Sage were an unexpected bonus.

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