This week’s theme for our collaborative bloggers meetup is Outdoor Space. When I sat behind my computer to write this blog, my thoughts immediately went to my garden – an outdoor space I absolutely adore.

But, then I realised my favourite outdoor space would have to be our patio. Our patio is the place where guests arrive for lunch and only leave after dinner… I think you get the idea.
Not only is it the place where we entertain our guests, but it also offers a great view of our garden. The black and white floor tiles offer the perfect gateway between our garden and our home.

Outdoor patio Space

It’s where I get to spend quality time with my kids. Where my husband and I relax in the evenings with a glass of wine. It’s where I laugh with my friends and share meals made with love. It’s where I unwind on a Sunday morning with a strong cup of coffee and the weekend newspapers.

I like to entertain and the fact that I can do it in an outdoor space is just one of the reasons I love our home. The setting is ideal and because of the many trees, plants and shrubs surrounding it, you really get the chance to connect with nature.
On that note, let me grab my book and make a cup of tea because my patio is calling me.

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