Christmas cake was my suggestion for our weekly Romancing the home challenge. I was so excited about this challenge as I had the perfect recipe. I was going to make Chris’s Ouma Anne’s Chrismas cake. It is not your traditional baked Christmas cake, which I do not like at all and I think most people under the age of 70 would agree with me. It contains the nuts and fruit but is just on a different level.

Now here is the snag. When I read her recipe again, it started with “Ouma Anne’s SECRET Christmas cake”. I just had to honor her secret recipe and keep it a secret. So the best I can do is to post a picture of it and have an extra one for you!


I didn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about a plan for number two though.

Here is my Christmas pudding recipe that will make your guest’s jaws drop, it’s so pretty and tastes great too! It works especially well in South Africa where we usually have a very hot Christmas season. The best part of all is that it’s dead easy to make and you can make the ice cream part at least a week in advance!

Cassata is an Italian version of a bombe – a rich ice cream which is frozen in a mold. I use a ring mold. You can make your own ice cream, but over the holidays I try to keep things easy.



1 2L tub of ice cream

100 gram chopped almonds and pistachios

100 gram chopped orange flavored chocolate

100 gram chopped glaced red and green cherries

fresh strawberries, raspberries and blue berries

cherries dipped in edible gold glitter

gold sprinkles

fresh mint


Leave the ice cream out of the freezer to soften a bit.

Mix in the nuts, chocolate and cherries.

Scrape into a greased mold and freeze for at least 12 hours.

Now you have to work quickly before the ice cream melts. Best to have someone like your mother in law (which I did) or a friend at hand, to help you. Just before serving, tip the ice cream onto a pretty glass plate. Pour over the cooled down chocolate sauce. Top with the berries and cherries. Garnish with the mint, sprinkles and more glitter.

Chocolate sauce:

1/2 cup cream
100g milk chocolate chopped
2 bar one chocolates chopped.

Melt everything together over low heat while stirring all the time. Don’t let it boil. Let it cool down before use.


Here is another fun and easy idea to get the kids involved and to help you.

Melt milk chocolate over a low heat. Pour it in the form of a Christmas tree. You can use a greased mold or cut one out on baking paper which I did. Quickly top with chocolates of your choice before the melted chocolate sets. We used peppermint crisp, crunchies, rocky road bites and smarties. Put in the fridge until needed. Serve on a cold platter.



If you do not have a sweet tooth, why not stack a few of your favourite cheeses on top of each other. Try to use cheese of different shapes. Use a star cookie cutter to cut a couple of watermelon stars. Stack in between the cheese and serve with figs and nuts.


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And remember “The proof of a pudding, is in the eating!”