Wow, time is just flying by! It feels like just the other day when the Romancing the Home ladies created Christmas wreaths. This week we are already busy with fun filled Easter projects.

I saw beautiful bunny paper mache bottles for Easter, in the latest issue of the Ideas magazine. It was a first for me and my girls, so they jumped at the opportunity to have some creative fun with their mom, and make our own bottles.

I googled a very easy recipe for the glue:

1 part cake flour

5 parts water

Mix and boil for 3 minutes. Cool down and glue done. So easy.

Next we cut strips of white paper and glued them to the bottles. We did 2 layers and left it to dry for a day. We completed a third layer the next day and chose our bunny pictures which were also glued onto the bottles.

Our next project was to bake and decorate a chocolate cake with Easter eggs.

And the best part – to eat the cake of course!

I hope you have as much fun this Easter with your family, as we did!

My Romancing the Home friends certainly did.

Kylie from Our Unique Home, made beautifully decorated Easter cookies and Ramona from Ruffles and Rust, stuffed bunnies and had fun with a Woolies egg decorating kit, with her 2 daughters.