Alfresco Birthday Lunch

I am not a fan of winter. Especially in Pretoria, South Africa where everything is brown, dusty and dry in the mid-winter months of June and July. And as Murphy’s law would have it, my husband and I both celebrate our birthdays in July, one day apart. But this year I promised myself that winter

Birthday cake for a special friend

Sponge cake
For me a birthday party, is not a birthday party, if there is not a birthday cake. My friend Hannah makes my load lighter when I host our birthday parties, by baking a cake or decorating the girls’ birthday cakes. This week the honor was mine and I baked a cake for Hannah’s birthday. Sponge cake is a cake made of flour

Embracing the feminine – The girl’s girly bedroom reno

Because we celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday in May, the Romancing the home collaborators decided on the theme “Embracing the Feminine” for this month’s blogs. For me “feminine” is anything pretty. I also do not think that you have to be female to embrace the feminine. A friend recently made a

Vintage Finds

Vintage Finds
I just love vintage items and I have loads! But my favorite by far is my ouma’s (granny) vintage fish crockery set. On a visit to her on her farm in the Drakensberg, she gave me her much treasured set. Less than a year later she passed away. I have often wondered if

Easter fun with the kids

Wow, time is just flying by! It feels like just the other day when the Romancing the Home ladies created Christmas wreaths. This week we are already busy with fun filled Easter projects. I saw beautiful bunny paper mache bottles for Easter, in the latest issue of the Ideas magazine. It was a first